The Malta Trust Foundation extends its Blossom services in three new schools

The Malta Trust Foundation is extending its Blossom project in three new schools – in the two Primary Schools in Qormi and in the Primary school of Żurrieq.
During a press conference, the Chairperson of The Malta Trust Foundation, Her Excellency Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca announced that this counseling and psychotherapeutic project in schools, which started in 2016 and was the first project of the Foundation, had a positive impact on more than 670 children, young people and their families, as well on school staff.
Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca explained that the shortage of psycho-social support at early ages leaves an impact on the well-being and mental health of children in later years and therefore she explained that this investment in children when they are so young will give them the opportunity to have better control over their lives and develop fully.

Until today, Blossom services were being provided at the primary school of St Paul’s Bay and at the Primary school of Qawra, at the Naxxar middle school, and at the primary school of Birżebbuġa.

Through Blossom, it is ensured that the counseling and psychotherapy services are being delivered consistently, regularly, and in a timely manner. This is being delivered through systematic practices within the schools, through which the counselors are also managing to reach also the families, and thus a holistic plan for emotional support is being drafted, for the students and also for their families. At the same time, Blossom is also providing support to teachers at the moment they need it. Consequently, this is also affecting the academic performance of the students in general.
Present for the conference, there was the Minister for Education, Sport, Youths, Research and Innovation Clifton Grima who spoke about the services being provided in schools by the guidance and consultative team of the Ministry. At the same, the Minister praised the Blossom initiative which is helping a lot of the students.

“From a project within four schools, the Foundation is extending this service to more schools to reach out to more students. I commend this initiative which is happening through good synergy between the Ministry and The Malta Trust Foundation and which is leaving a positive impact on the educational sector and on the students,” said Minister Grima.

During the press conference, an agreement was also signed with the Qormi Local Council which is investing in the project and covering for part of the funds through which the project can be delivered.

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