OPEN CALL – Communications Coordinator

Position Title: Communications Coordinator

Job Duties:

The duties of the Employee shall include but shall not be limited to, the following: –

  1. Designs and reviews the Foundation’s communications strategy.
  2. Provides leadership to the Foundation’s communications programme.
  3. Draws up the Business Plan for the Communications.
  4. Participates in the drawing up of the Foundation’s business and financial plan.
  5. Participates in the formulation of the Key Performance Indicators and Targets for Communications.
  6. Ensures the smooth running of Communications, in line with the Foundation’s business goals and objectives.
  7. Designs, implements and reviews the Foundation’s strategic communications plan in line with the organisation’s strategic goals, policies and business plan objectives.
  8. Manages the Foundation’s brand and image.
  9. Manages the Foundation’s corporate identity to secure a consistent image by the organisation in internal and external communications.
  10. Designs implements and manages a strategy for internal communications.
  11. Designs and introduces policies and guidelines concerning communication management generally, and interaction with the media, specifically.
  12. Discusses with Project Coordinators, programme and project-specific communications support.
  13. Ensures that the Foundation’s mission, values and key messages are maintained for all communications.
  14. Designs, implements and reviews strategies for brand marketing vis-a-vis targeted sectors of society.
  15. Designs and manages a digital marketing programme to promulgate the Foundation’s values, message, presence and visibility to the maximum extent possible.
  16. Draws up an SEO strategy for all digital channels used by the Foundation to optimise its visibility and digital footprint.
  17. Ensures the provision of excellent logistical support for all events organised by the Foundation.
  18. Designs, implements and reviews a strategy for the targeting of opinion makers and influential stakeholders and the subsequent building and maintenance of such a network.
  19. Designs, implements, and reviews the psychological messages, visuals, etc. underpinning the Foundation’s promotional and marketing campaigns.
  20. Provides advice and guidance to management on handling external communications in line with the Foundation’s communications strategy.
  21. Ongoing review of Google, Facebook and other digital channels analytics and KPIs and feeds results in ongoing tuning for optimal digital presence and footprint.
  22. Attends briefings and meetings as requested.
  23. Prepares and presents reports and other documentation to senior management as necessary.
  24. Consults with the Chair, Managers, colleagues and clients as required.
  25. Keeps up to date with new trends, methodologies and regulations concerning communication strategies, marketing, branding and public relations.
  26. Keeps up to date with social media and digital channel developments.
  27. Keeps up to date with developments relating to SEO, digital channels analytics, and other related tools.
  28. Performs other job-related duties as necessary or as assigned.

Qualifications and Requirements

  • A university degree qualification in one of the following: Communications, Journalism, Media, Marketing, Public Relations
  • Fluent in spoken and written Maltese and English

Interested persons are to send their expression of interest through a motivational letter, CV, a police conduct certificate and a reference letter on by 16th July, 2024.

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