IDEA Educational Support Programme launched

The Malta Trust Foundation signed an agreement with IDEA Group to set in motion a new progamme called IDEA Education Support Programme, with the aim of providing support to primary and secondary school children in need.

The Agreement was signed by Her Excellency President Emeritus Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca as President of the Malta Trust Foundation and Ms Nathalie De Bono, co-founder of the IDEA Group.

The event, held at the Salini Resort on Wednesday morning, was also attended by leading entrepreneurs and community leaders.

Speaking at the event, which marked IDEA Group 20th anniversary, H.E. Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca stated that Education is not only a human right, and should be accessible to one and all, but EDUCATION IS KEY FOR AN EFFECTIVE DIGNIFIED LIFE.

This is the beauty of what IDEA ACADEMY is doing today.  It is effectively giving access to disadvantaged children and young persons to access education to give them the opportunity to develop their full academic potential.

Giving effective access to education to one and all is ensuring that all children will have the opportunity for an effective dignified life of meaningful opportunities.

This opportunity that IDEA Academy is giving to The Malta Trust Foundation to continue with its mission of empowering disadvantaged Children and Young Persons, is evidence that IDEA ACADEMY  is an organisation with a soul.

On his part, Dr Silvio De Bono, Chairman and co-founder of IDEA Group, stated that IDEA Group is not solely an enterprise, but a way of living the ethos of success, ethical behaviour and ever-lasting commitment to whatever we engage ourselves in doing.

He explained that IDEA’s ethos circles around sound commitment to achieve the best for self and others around us. It is a belief that there is very little difference between doing something good and doing it excellently. It is a belief that every person can give the best to his/her job, whatever this may be.

Dr De Bono stated that IDEA’s ethos is also built on the personification of the self rather than the personalisation of service and that IDEA’s ethos is also characterised by a sense of urgency and drive to achieve.

“Our passion to the community led us to once again to reach out to the Malta Trust Foundation to launch new idea to help children coming from challenging environments. Acknowledging the fact that education is the only driver that could change the destiny of others”, Dr De Bono concluded.

Launching the IDEA Solutions Suite, Alexei De Bono, Chief Operations Officer of the IDEA GROUP said that it is more than just a set of services; it’s a testament to IDEA’s evolution and a pledge to continuously adapt in an ever-changing world.

Mr De Bono explained that with the IDEA Solutions Suite, IDEA Group is poised to redefine what it means to be a one-stop shop for business solutions.

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