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Message by the Founder and Chairperson of The Malta Trust Foundation
H.E. Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca

Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca

The Malta Trust Foundation was founded during my term as President of Malta, on the 15th of May 2015, aiming at addressing vulnerable and disadvantaged Children and Young People.

My urge to set up this Foundation, came from my lifelong endeavours in the social sector, working both on a voluntary basis and all through my long political life.

Being a people centered person, I have always been very aware of Children and Young People falling out of the safety net that Malta affords to the most vulnerable, even though Malta’s welfare state is one of the strongest I know.

The Malta Trust Foundation is interested in sustainable approaches to address poverty and vulnerability and therefore we insist on investing our resources to ensure tangible impact. We are a private foundation and operate thanks to fundraising from Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, charity foundations, funding grants, and public social partnerships.

The Malta Trust Foundation focuses on 4 main thematic areas of activity:

Disability, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Formal and Non-Formal Education and Youth Participation and Empowerment.

We aim to be innovative and creative in our empowerment programmes and ensure to give value to our funds. We monitor our processes and tangible initiatives; we evaluate and measure impact. This gives us the assurance that we are reaching our objectives.

The Malta Trust Foundation is a believer of collaboration and therefore, we seek collaboration from experts, specialists, practitioners, the business community, civil society organisations, authorities, and all other relevant stakeholders.

Our team at the Foundation is a passionate, dedicated, and motivated group of diverse professionals that uphold the necessary essential values to take our mission forward in the best interest of all Children and Young People without prejudice.


The Malta Trust Foundation (TMTF) was established by Her Excellency, Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca in 2015, with a specific purpose to develop initiatives that support children, young people and communities that are facing particular challenges and who are at risk of poverty or social exclusion.

The Foundation brings together academics, psychosocial professionals, the business community, and civil society organisations with the aim of delivering a tangible impact in gaps within existing services. The Foundation stresses on the importance of not duplicating current services and support, which are already being offered by other entities. The Foundation seeks to support vulnerable communities through initiatives that are both educational and empowering in aiding individuals reach their full potential, with an emphasis on projects of a psychosocial nature.

Projects and Initiatives

All initiatives are well-defined projects emerging from priorities in the social field, that are well researched, planned and costed to ensure an efficient and effective service that is sustainable over the years. The Foundation seeks the assistance of major audit companies to market research and analyse the cost of every initiative.


The Malta Trust Foundation is a private Foundation which prides itself on a very slim paid administration roping in a number of volunteers to foster active citizenship.

All projects are funded through corporate social responsibility (CSR) partnerships with the business community. It is to be noted, that the Foundation was a pillar in introducing CSR in Malta and in advocating for sustainable investment into charitable social endeavors. This means that the Foundation fund-raises for each project on its own and the funds-raised are allocated specifically to that project. Therefore, funding is ring-fenced according to the relevant project.

Through its operations, the Foundation also educates and raises awareness on social matters to create a national conversation, with the aim of attracting the attention for the necessary national action, as the case might be.


Projects developed by The Malta Trust Foundation are consolidated into agreements with experts in the field, from planning stages to implement and sustain effective and successful initiatives. In terms of engaging with entities and organizations that are experts in the respective field, together with the reassurance of a proven record of good practice, projects are based on a collaboration that is well-defined, evaluated and targeted to make a tangible and positive impact where lacunae are identified. TMTF prides itself in creating and nurturing a national and international social platform, delivering its objectives through social projects in collaboration with local and international partners.


Bringing together representatives and stakeholders required for the effective management of every specific project lies in the expertise of the dedicated Steering Committees that meet regularly and periodically evaluate the operation of each individual project. The steering committee monitors the specific implementation at the various phases and is led by an administrator of the Foundation. Project partners, targeted beneficiaries and benefactors are a constant representation within each project Steering Committee.


The Malta Trust Foundation gives a lot of weight in terms of monitoring, assessing, and reviewing its initiatives. This is to ensure that the objectives are met, the outreach and impact are duly measured and that the projects are models of good practice as well as sustainable from a broad perspective.

This is achieved, through continued fruitful collaborations with the University of Malta, and local and international technical and finance experts, that are committed to assessing and reviewing our work at all stages of implementation and periodically. The University of Malta’s contribution is evident in its representation of various experts from the Board to the Steering Committee level and in the role of externally reviewing and monitoring our work.

A report of the Steering Committee is presented to the Board of Administrators (BoA) on a quarterly basis. Upon approval by the BoA, the report is submitted to the relevant benefactors. The BoA is composed of a dedicated and committed team of established and reputable members of the business community and top-level academics.

TMTF is regulated by the Laws of Malta, Chapter 16, Second Schedule (Legal Organisations) and furthermore by Chapter 492 (Voluntary Organisations) because of our enrolment as a non-voluntary organisation.


Addressing tangible impact in gaps within existing services

Ensuring non-duplication of other current services and support

Periodic evaluation by academics and experts in the relevant fields

Striving to ensure efficient and effective evidence-based outcomes

Long-term sustainability of its projects

Collaborating with local and international partners

Nurturing and supporting a child and youth participation approach

Investing and not spending, and this is reflected in a lean administrative framework

Thematic Pillars


Mental Health & Wellbeing

Formal & Non-Formal Education

Youth Participation & Empowerment

Our story

15th May 2015

Her Excellency founded The President’s Trust

June 2015

The President’s Trust signs a Memorandum of Understanding with The Prince’s Trust International

October 2015

Launch of the first pilot project with The Prince’s Trust International – the Get-Into Pilot Project

October 2015

Launch of the XL Project in schools in Malta. Today this is still running on a national level in all State secondary schools and is known as the Achieve Project.

February 2016

Launch of the Blossom Project in the primary school of St. Paul’s Bay

March 2016

The Malta Trust Foundation approached by Agenzija Zaghzagh on the needs of young people in B’Bugia

September 2016

Agreement with Agenzija Zghazagh and B’Bugia Local Council to commence work on SPARK project

March 2017

The commencement of a collaboration with Fondazione Terzo Pilastro Internazionale

July 2017

Launch of Y-Assist project, providing semi-independent supported accommodation to young mothers

July 2017

The Employment Initiative launched as a pilot-project in collaboration with MFOPD

August 2017

Signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with Fondazione Terzo Pilastro Internazionale and LUISS University in Rome on the provision of scholarship opportunities (Enhance Project)

March 2018

First national readathon in primary schools to raise funds for the E-Cubed project. This became a yearly initiative in collaboration with the National Literacy Agency

March 2018

Launch of Programm Tbissima, Marsa

August 2018

Launch of Adopt a Family Project

August 2018

Extended the Y-Assist Project to a second home

October 2018

The President’s Trust together with the University of Malta and the Fondazione Terzo Pilastro founded the Emanuele Cancer Research Foundation

December 2018

A first group of tailor-made assistive devices to visually impaired and blind children disseminated (E-Cubed project)

December 2018

Launch of Sunrise Project (first Mental Health Home Support Service in Gozo)

December 2018

Mental Health First Aid Training to University Students

December 2018

The President’s Trust was converted to The President’s Trust Foundation

March 2019

Inauguration and opening of the skatepark in B’Bugia (SPARK project)

May 2019

The President’s Trust Foundation re-named The Malta Trust Foundation

October 2019

Mental Health First-Aid Training at Post Secondary Schools

February 2020

Extension of the Blossom Project to the Naxxar Middle School

March 2020

A food-aid initiative at the onset of the Covid 19 pandemic. This initiative provided food to over 2,000 families for six months.

September 2020

The E-Cubed project started providing tailor-made communicative devices to children on the autism spectrum and non-verbal.

September 2020

Extension of Blossom project to Qawra Primary School

August 2021

Extension of the Blossom Project to B’Bugia primary School

September 2021

Launch of Marchese de Villabianca (Centre for Music and the Arts for Children and Young People with Impairments)

September 2021

Your Device Your Right Pilot Project launched.

February 2022

Your Device Your Right rolled-out on a national level.

February 2022

Launch of the Youth Employment Support Programme

September 2022

Launch of ISPORT pilot project

December 2022

Extension of Blossom Project to Qormi Primary Schools

February 2023

ArtBeat Pilot Project (as part of the Marchese de Villabianca)

April 2023

Extension of Blossom Project to Rabat Gozo Secondary School

April 2023

Signing of a Collaboration Agreement with the Mental Health Association Gozo

November 2023

The First Annual General Meeting

November 2023

Launch of new Website

December 2023

Signing of a Collaboration Agreement with the Foundation for Information Technology Accessibility

January 2024

Launch of the IDEA Support Programme

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