Adopt a Family

Nurturing Children in Education and the Family
Adopt-a-Family is a project targeting the provision of financial support to disadvantaged families in order to assist them to meet the health and educational needs of their children. The support provided through this initiative is related to the health, wellbeing, formal and non-formal education of children and youths. It also involves linking families to psycho-social professionals, in cases where the need to access psycho-social services is identified.

Meet The Team

Francesca Chetcuti

Francesca Chetcuti

Project Coordinator Devices & Therapies

Ivana Restall

Ivana Restall

Volunteers’ Coordinator


Empowering Futures

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Success Stories

For one child who attended numerous dyslexia literacy sessions, both the mother and the teacher commented on his progress. In fact, the dyslexia literacy teacher recommended against providing him with a reader pen device early on, as she believed he had the potential to develop his abilities further.

This project gave the opportunity to some children and youths to pursue non-formal education related to music and sports, which is a need that would otherwise not have been met.

A number of parents whose children are being supported with therapies shared their observation of an improvement in their child. One mother in particular attributed this success to the consistency of therapies, since her child is provided with therapies on a weekly basis. She explained that the therapists are very helpful and that her child is happy to attend, so she knows that her child is in good hands. She also explained that when her child was provided with therapies offered by the government, these would be offered in the morning. This mother works in the morning, and so the fact that therapies by Embrace Diversity are provided in the evening enables her to continue working.


A total of 54 families supported through Adopt-a-Family throughout 2022

20 families (23 children) were supported with therapies such as speech therapy, physiotherapy, and hippotherapy, based on an assessment of the children’s needs.

12 individuals (6 adults, 1 youth and 5 children) were referred for support to other initiatives/entities, as listed below:

9 individuals were referred to YMCA and were provided with psychotherapy , and 1 also benefitted from social work.

1 parent was referred to a course scholarship opportunity by the Soroptimist’s Sisters.

1 individual benefitted from Your Device Your Right, a project within The Malta Trust Foundation, enabling higher education studies.

1 parent was referred to Caritas Community Centre for food aid.

5 families were supported with the purchasing of clothes for their children throughout the year.

As an offshoot to this project, towards the end of 2022, a clothes warehouse was also set up in Ħal Qormi. The aim of this warehouse, run by volunteers, is to collect good quality second-hand clothes from different sources, including outlets, which would then be made available to assist disadvantaged families.

3 children were supported with expenses related to sports, namely membership subscriptions to sports clubs and equipment.

6 families (13 children) were provided funds for purchasing stationery and school resources.

9 families (21 children) were provided with funds for purchasing school uniforms.

  • Some further support which was delivered through this project includes:
  • Provision of food to some families in urgent need.
  • Urgent medical/physical health expenses for 2 families.
  • Dyslexia literacy sessions for 2 children (1 being on a long-term basis)
  • Singing lessons for 1 child
  • Private lessons of core school subjects for 1 child
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