Your Device Your Right

Targeting the Digital Divide and the Reduction of e-waste

Officially launched in October 2021, the project Your Device – Your Right aims to distribute, second hand refurbished laptops/tablets to families, children, and young persons who are disadvantaged, to enable and empower their education and bridge the digital divide. This is achieved through the provision of donated second-hand devices from local businesses, entities, and individuals with a dual aim of redeploying refurbished devices to boost digital inclusion and to reduce e-waste. A MISCO survey carried out in the summer of 2021 concluded that 11 percent of the 350 families interviewed did not have enough equipment for all their children, equivalent to more than 5,000 children in Malta who do not have access to laptops, desktop computers or tablets to be able to do their homework or follow classes online.

The survey exposed a digital divide that was made more acute by the Covid- 19 pandemic. Through this initiative The Malta Trust Foundation aims to support remote education as well as virtual contact between children, their educators or other professionals and other services. The distribution of second-hand laptops/tablets is carried out through referrals that are evaluated through the local schools’ network, including social workers and various NGO’s that are working to support disadvantaged families.


Empowering Futures

Join us in making a difference and donate now to The Malta Trust Foundation, empowering lives and building a brighter future for all.


To date over 750 devices have been donated to The Malta Trust Foundation.
To date a total of 500 devices were donated to students.
A total of 750 referrals been received from School Heads, Social Workers, and other entities.
Present shortage of laptops is 250, who are waiting for a laptop/tablet.

Since certain requirements need to be in place for second-hand devices to be refurbished, a percentage of the devices donated are unsuitable to support the relevant software that the students require for their studies and had to be sent for recycling.


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