A youth empowerment and participation project through sports in Birzebbuga.
SPARK is a youth empowerment and participation initiative through street sports in B’Bugia. The Malta Trust Foundation, in coordination with the National Youth Agency and the B’Bugia Local Council, initiated a process of youth participation, way back in 2017, to give a voice to a particular cohort of young people who had approached the foundation with their dream of having a skatepark in the locality. These young people have participated in this process from the onset of this project. The construction of the Skate Park in this locality which was completed in 2019 came about through this process of youth participation.
SPARK, as named by the young people themselves, is an initiative of empowerment, through which these young people have been provided with a relevant space, for them to participate at community-level and subsequently serves to empower them to become more active citizens. This space gives them a voice and the project aims to empower this community of young people to become active participants and develop leadership skills.
The construction of the skatepark was only a means to an end. This project not only to provide the young people with a safe space to practice their sports, but also to seek to engage the young people in their community. The construction of the skatepark was for the skatepark to serve as a tool for other educational aims, including the provision of other skills such as decision-making, leadership and so on. This is achieved in collaboration with Agenzija Zghazagh who provide a detached youth work service twice a week in the area.

Strategic Collaborations

The Birzebbuga Local Council
Agenzija Zghazagh

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