Programm Tbissima

A non-formal education programme

Programm Tbissima provides a safe and inclusive space where young people and children meet and learn through non-formal education. A space for children where they can be themselves, build their dreams, socialize in a safe environment, get support and simply experience their childhood.
Programm Tbissima was launched in 2017 after a study carried out by Dr Sharon Attard DeGiovanni called “Banishing the Abject: Constituting Oppositional Relationships in a Maltese Harbour Town”.

The research study showed a number of social and economical issues in Marsa;

  • High risk of poverty for those aged between 0-17 years
  • High unemployment
  • High absenteeism & low levels of educational attainment
  • Highest illiteracy rate in Malta for those aged 10 and over
  • Reduced population size
  • Families residing within declining industrial areas
  • Varying degree of social & mental health difficulties
  • Bi-section by main road leading to noise and environmental pollution
  • Lack of resources & community services
  • Prostitution and black market involvement
  • Limited access to open and green spaces
  • Limited support at community level
  • Cultural division

Activities started in May 2018  with the objectives of addressing social inequalities, increasing literacy levels as well as increasing the overall well-being and confidence of young people. The main aim of the project is to provide a space where young people are nurtured and get support.
The project fosters child participation and encourages young people to be part of the decision-making process. The project focuses on the activities that the children requested: empowerment, guidance and mentorship, arts, sports, equity and equality.
Programm Tbissima currently welcomes children aged 6 to 16 from Marsa and the surrounding area. The children meet with the project team every week in Marsa.

Meet the Team

Hazal Yuksel

Hazal Yuksel

Project Coordinator

Gabriella Cauchi

Gabriella Cauchi

Activity Leader

Angelle Vella

Angelle Vella


Lara Mallia

Lara Mallia

Youth and Community Worker

Cedric Farrugia

Cedric Farrugia

Youth and Community Worker

Empowering Futures

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Achieved Outcomes

56 registered children at the end of 2022

62 sessions delivered to young people

Non-formal educational activities are divided into five different pillars regarding two evaluation sessions with the children. Each session focused on one of the non-formal education pillars.  During the year, the team delivered:

  1. Sports& Games- 14 sessions
  2. Nature&Environment- 8 Sessions
  3. Culture- 14 sessions
  4. Creativity & Art- 14 sessions
  5. Health& Personal Development- 12 Sessions

11 outings organised

The outings focused on understanding the Maltese cultural heritage, nature and environment, and experiencing different sports and social attractions.

7 volunteers supported Tbissima during 2022

Community events organised in 2022

Tbissima Goes Around The World Exhibition

Programm Tbissima embarked on a project called Tbissima Goes Around the World during the summer of 2022. The young people explored the culture of different countries and learned in a creative way about the traditions and characteristics each country has to offer. The youths organized an exhibition, with the guests being their family members and relevant stakeholders, to showcase their work and share their experiences together. The project aimed to bring different communities together in Marsa and celebrate diversity with the leads being the children and young people from Programm Tbissima.

Community Trick or Treat:

Programm Tbissima organized Trick or Treat on the 31st of October. The children and youth wanted to organize this activity for Halloween. The project team turned this idea into a community event. The team communicated with the local entities for the children’s request. The event was successfully held with the support of the community police, Marsa local council, and Marsa Trinity Band Club. The children informed their neighbours about the event and the group visited the houses which would like to welcome the children. This activity aimed to increase the sense of belonging by encouraging the young people to organise a community event.

Programm Tbissima Participant Application Form

Programm Tbissima invites children and young people between 6 and 16 to non-formal education sessions at San Gorg Primary School in Marsa. Please fill out the form, and we will contact you accordingly.

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