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The provision of Assistive Technology and Augmentative Assistive Communication devices to children and young people who are visually impaired, on the autism spectrum and non-verbal, and those with complex communication needs.

The Malta Trust Foundation’s E cubed project aims to empower, encourage, and educate children and young people up to the age of 35, who are visually impaired and those on the autism spectrum and with complex communication needs, through the provision of Assistive Technology (AT) /Augmentative Assistive Communication (AAC) devices.
Assistive Technology, which may be used at home and at school, helps individuals who are visually impaired to increase their access to the general curriculum, enabling students to read books and handouts, access diagrams and maps, as well as stimulate and strengthen a youngster’s vision where necessary.

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Augmentative and Alternative Communication intervention for children and young people with complex needs, which includes children who are on the autism spectrum and non-verbal, helps develop their functional communication skills and promotes cognitive development. Each individual’s unique visual and cognitive needs must be considered when selecting appropriate technology, and this is made possible through the expertise and collaborations facilitated by The Malta Trust Foundation. The project also delivers the necessary regular upgrades of these devices.

The process of referrals for visually impaired beneficiaries by the Department of Education and the assessment and prescriptions for our beneficiaries who are on the autism spectrum and non-verbal and those with complex communication needs by the relevant professionals from the Access to Communication Technology Unit (ACTU) within Agenzija Sapport is ongoing. Through this collaboration The Malta Trust Foundation endeavors to support the procurement of AT and AAC devices for this cohort of children and young people on an ongoing and long-term basis.
The Malta Trust Foundation leads this project in collaboration with the expertise and technical advice of the Education Department, the Foundation for Inclusive Technology Accessibility, Agenzija Support, the Department of Speech and Language Pathologists, the Association for Speech Therapists, the Autism Parents Association Malta, the National Literacy Agency and the NGO Advice.

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Meet The Team

Francesca Chetcuti

Francesca Chetcuti

Project Coordinator (Devices and Therapies)


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